10 Unique Engagement Ring Box for the Perfect Proposal in April 2022

10 Unique Engagement Ring Box for the Perfect Proposal in April 2022

You may think the engagement ring is the most important part of a proposal, but I would argue that the engagement ring box is just as important as the ring itself. The ring box needs to match and compliment the engagement ring, and it needs to suit the lucky bride to be! You may be searching for a new proposal ring box because the one it came in is lacking, has jewelers logos, or you simply want to express your love with a special box - fear not! Listed below are the 10 most unique and interesting ring boxes we have found this month. 

10 Unique Engagement Ring Boxes (April 2022)

  1. Lillian Rose Red/Gold Fairy Tale Storybook Ring Holder
  2. Red Ring Box with Light
  3. Black and White Ring Box
  4. Hipiwe Jewelry Ring Display Holder
  5. Custom Engraved Ring Box
  6. Northern Lights Geode Ring Box
  7. Resin Wood Box
  8. Custom Acrylic Ring Box
  9. Wislist crystal ring box
  10. Mechanical Iris Ring Box

 Ten Unique Engagement Ring Boxes

  1. Lillian Rose Red/Gold Fairy Tale Storybook Ring Holder - from Amazon.com

Storybook Ring Box, Fairtale Proposal, cinderella proposal, disney proposal ideas

The perfect fairytale ring box for a fairytale proposal! This proposal ring box is perfect for the Cinderellas and snow whites, the fairytale princesses. You can even use this box to hide your proposal ring from her. With a cutout for the engagement ring inside, this ring box is the perfect place to hide your engagement ring. Make her believe that she is living in a fairytale. Enchant your way into her heart with this ring box/story book! 

Price: $17.32 on Amazon.com

  1. Red Ring Box with Light - Soulmate Box

red light up ring box for proposals, led light ring box red, red ring box with black interior for engagements and proposals

Asking your loved one’s hand in marriage is one of the most illuminating experiences one can have! Number two on our list is an LED ring box from yours truly, SoulMateBox. This ring case features a unique design with automatic LED light which turns on with every lid opening, creating a romantic atmosphere that will impress and surprise her! There is no better way to showcase a gem by illuminating it right in front of your loved one! 

Price: $19.99 

  1. Black and White Ring Box - AerozCreative

 black and white proposal ring box, engagement ring box in classic black color with white stripe

This black and white double ring box from AerozCreative on Etsy is simplistic and stunning. The classic black color of this box allows it to blend into the background, removing attention from itself. Yet once opened, the box reveals a slim white band encasing the engagement ring, drawing the attention of the viewer to the center. 

Price: $13.99 

  1. Hipiwe Jewelry Ring Display Holder - from Amazon.com

Diamond shaped interesting ring box, hanging planter ring box, proposal ring box home decor

This diamond shaped ring box from Hipiwe on Amazon is perfect for those wishing to stand out from the ordinary. This proposal ring box has a chain and hook hanging from the top which you can hand your engagement ring from! In addition, the clear sides allow viewers to admire the beauty of the ring from any angle. A small clear door opens with a bolt to allow one to remove the ring inside. One could even choose to use this ring box as home decor.

 Price: $15.99

  1. Custom Engraved Ring Box - Soulmate Box

custom engraved wood ring box for proposals and engagements, wood ring box with laser engraving for proposal

Of course, we need to include our own custom engraved ring box! With this custom engraved ring box, you can engrave your memories onto the surface of the beautiful wood ring box from Soulmate Box! Immortalize your proposal date and your names onto the cover of this custom engraved ring box. With 9 pre-made designs, it is easy to find one that appeals to you and simply send them your names/dates. They also take custom orders if you have a design in mind already!

Price (No Engraving): $14.99

Price (With Engraving): $39.99

  1. Northern Lights Geode Ring Box - Etsy.com

colorful geode ring box, aurora rock ring box, ring box made of stone 

This northern light geode ring box from TheCrushedCrystal on Etsy is perfect for people who want to inject some fun and uniqueness into their proposal plans. The engagement ring box itself is made from completely natural sources and packs a surprise punch with its stunning green and purple hues. Each geode ring box comes out from production slightly different, ensuring that the ring box you receive will be one-of-a-kind!

Price: $63.96

  1. Resin Wood Box - from Amazon.com

 resin ring box, proposal ring box made of wood and epoxy

This Resin Wood Ring Box from Amazon is great for those who are planning a proposal in a natural setting and want to truly surprise their significant other. This resin ring box is small and thin enough to fit in any pocket easily, allowing for the ultimate surprise! The green hues from the epoxy and the wood tones of the ring box mix to create a gorgeous ring box that truly embodies the spirit of nature. 

Price: $57.90

  1. Custom Acrylic Ring Box - Etsy.com

acrylic ring box, custom engraved acrylic proposal ring box for her

Another one of our top picks is a ring box from CamelliaLove on Etsy. We stumbled upon this magnificent gem while searching for the most unique watch box. One of the best features of this box is its acrylic clear top that could be engraved with your special message or design. On a side note, we also really enjoyed the magnetic closing mechanism, its flush design with the clear top mitigates the fear of your ring falling out.Being able to see your beloved ring with a cute message really sends this box over the top!  Don’t just use a generic wedding ring box for the best day of your life! Use these elegant clear ring boxes for your memorable day. 

Price (No Engraving): $35.99

Price (With Engraving): $40.99

  1. Wislist crystal ring box - Amazon.com

crystal egg shaped engagement ring box, clear proposal ring box for her, ring box for special occasions

The Wislist Crystal Ring Box from Amazon is a stunning egg shaped ring box with multiple facets across its surface. The clear ring box allows viewers to easily spot the engagement ring within, yet with some distortion to keep the surprise for the opening of the box. At 11 ounces, this proposal ring box is definitely on the heavier side - which may be a plus since it gives the illusion of quality and heft. 

Price: $36.90 on Amazon 

  1. Mechanical Iris Ring Box - Etsy.com

mechanical proposal ring box made of wood and steel

The Mechanical Iris Ring Box from KeloDesign on Etsy may be pricey, but will set the scene as unforgettable. The cylindrical shape of this ring box draws the viewer's eye to the center, where mechanical flaps are designed to open gently and reveal the engagement ring within. All it takes is a simple twist and the handmade ring box lifts its covers. 

 Price: $126.25 on Etsy.com

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