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10 Proposal Ring Boxes Perfect for Summer Proposals (2023)

10 Proposal Ring Boxes Perfect for Summer Proposals (2023)

Summer is a great time for proposing. The long and relaxing road trips in a convertible with the top down, the smell of the salty ocean breeze, and palm trees swaying in the wind evoke a feeling of love, adventure, and passion. Summer is the time of backyard barbecues, adventures, and days filled with sunshine. Here at Soulmatebox, we have compiled a list of the ten best ring boxes for summer proposals to help you decide which is the best for you.

  1. Map Ring Box

  2. Blue Resin Ring Box 

  3. Epoxy Ring Box

  4. Sea Splash Art Ring Box

  5. Oirlv Leather Ring Box

  6. Custom Engraved Wood Ring Box - Soulmatebox

  7. Proposal Seashell Ring Box

  8. Turquoise Blue Ring Box

  9. Emerald Green Geode Crystal Engagement Ring Box

  10. Natural Geode Agate Blue Box

  1. Map Ring Box - $48

map ring box

This stunning Map Ring Box is offered from the seller ButtonsandPearl. With tons of good reviews and such a unique product, I can see why they are so popular! This Map proposal ring box is perfect for those longing for adventure. The beautiful fabrics are so unique in offering a unique worldview in a tiny ring box. This is the perfect ring box for those couples who enjoy wanderlust and travel. 

  1. Blue Resin Ring Box - $70.70

blue resin ring box

This blue resin ring box perfectly encapsulates a wonderful afternoon at the beach. The deep blue hues and the natural wood color perfectly blend together in a natural yet exotic way. The blend of opposing colors and how they meet unevenly reminds one of the waves on a sunny beach. 

  1. Epoxy Ring Box - Starting from $64.99

epoxy white ring box with wood

A slim ring box that easily slips into your coat or pants pocket for a surprise engagement! Made from wood and epoxy, the gentle curves and ripples in the epoxy design are reminiscent of a sun-filled day at the beach enjoying the waves. This ring box is made from olive wood, allowing for a stunning mediterranean aroma. Engraving options begin at $77.99. 

  1. Sea Splash Ring Box - $35

heart waves ring box

This heart shaped ring box beautifully encapsulates a romantic getaway among the waves and sand. The stunning resin art along the top of the box draws the viewer's gaze inwards, towards the charm located at the tip of the heart. Choose from a starfish charm or a turtle charm. The box is made from beechwood, and has a magnet in the tip for a secure lock to protect your engagement ring. 

  1. Oirlv Leather Ring Box - $20

white leather ring box

The Oirlv white leather ring box with gold trim suits summer weddings and proposals wonderfully. The soft white is a classic wedding color, and allows one to dream about their special day. The gold trim along with the push button release highlights the inside of the box and holds it securely for optimal safety. We don’t want to accidentally lose the ring!

  1. Custom Engraved Wood Ring Box - $15

Our stunning custom engraved wood ring box is perfect for summer proposals and weddings! With blue and orange/yellow matching on the color wheel, the orange hue of the natural wood contrasts perfectly with the deep blue color of the ocean and the waves. The natural wood look reminds one of adventure and special memories in the woods. For an additional $25, have your personalization details laser engraved into the box for permanent memories! She will remember the details of your engagement or wedding every time she looks at the ring box!

  1. Proposal Seashell Ring Box - $47

seashell ring box

This seashell ring box is a the perfect way to propose with an engagement ring at a beach. This ring box is made from an actual seashell, and is studded with pearls and gems for a delicate touch. Its small and slim form factor makes it easy to carry in a pocket or purse, and the natural beauty of the seashell adds a unique touch to the proposal. 

  1. Turquoise Blue Ring Box - $26

tiffany blue ring box

This light blue ring box is very reminiscent of the ocean! The shiny push button on the front of the box secures your rings inside and allows one to not worry about losing their ring due to the box accidentally opening. The soft blue leather is great for reminding one of the special place the ocean holds in their hearts. 

  1. Emerald Green Geode Crystal Engagement Ring Box - $33

geode ring box

The green geode ring box is a very special piece that will be sure to be the star of the proposal. A unique ring box for a special significant other. The crystal rock formations shine and sparkle and add to the specialness of the moment. No other ring box will pair so beautifully with a diamond engagement ring!

  1. Natural Geode Agate Blue Box -$36

unique ring box

This beautiful blue grey geode ring box is made from extremely rare sparkling white geodes. The strict selection process creates a more special ring box, as only about half of the geodes are selected to be crafted into a ring box. They are carefully hand dyed and treated in house to create a lasting impression. Hinges allow for the top to close and your ring to be carefully protected from any possible damage. 

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