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Proposal Ideas For When She Already Knows

Proposal ideas for when she already knows

8 Great ideas for a proposal when she already knows that it’s coming. 

When we think of wedding proposals, the first thing that usually comes to mind is a surprise! Ideally, we would all love to keep it a secret. However, it may be difficult to plan a surprise proposal if you already live with your soon to be fiance. Maybe the surprise proposal was already spoiled by a friend or close family member, and once the idea is out there it may be impossible to hide again. The surprise is not the most important part of the proposal, merely one factor of many. If she already knows about it, don’t worry. We’ve compiled a list below of wonderful proposal ideas for those whose partners may already be expecting a proposal.

A romantic night proposal under the stars -

Night proposals are one of our favorites as the setting is just so romantic. Take her stargazing at a park or some place out of the city. Whether you are on the rooftop with a clear view of the shimmering city lights, or in the woods sitting by a campfire looking up at the stars, there is just something so memorable about night time proposals. A walk along the river at night, with the lights of the city reflecting on the water, is one of our favorite memories. Use a light up ring box, like one of ours, for the perfect touch at night and gently illuminate your engagement ring to really make it sparkle!

city skyline from the viewpoint of a rooftop patio

Your first date, revisited -

Recreate your first date, whether it was at a restaurant or simply a walk in the local park. Take the time to recreate all the small details from that first date, like ordering the same food or drinks, or even maybe taking the same path through the park that the two of you took the first time you met. The time of day, the clothes you were wearing, the way you did your hair that morning. The more details that you remember and recreate, the better. At the end of your second first date, break out your engagement ring from its custom ring box for the perfect proposal moment. 

The perfect time for a destination proposal -

Have a destination for a trip that you guys have been wanting to go on for a while? Well, now it's the perfect time to go! It's time for that weekend trip to the big city or the outdoors, or even traveling internationally to a beautiful beach in the Maldives. Paris is another great idea, known as the city of love with iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower. A picnic in the park with a view of the Eiffel tower is a perfect way to propose! The warm sunshine, smell of french baguettes in your picnic basket, and the cool blade of grass beneath your feet will become an unforgettable memory. 

eiffel tower, a romantic spot for a proposal in paris

Take her ring shopping -

Pick a day to go right shopping together and let her know your intentions! One benefit of the proposal not being a surprise is the opportunity for your partner to pick the perfect ring for themselves. One benefit of this is that she can get a ring that's the perfect size. A common problem that happens is that people aren’t able to measure her ring size, and end up with one too big or too small! Buying a ring together is a good way to prevent this from happening. Make a day out of it and create some beautiful memories together! 

Whoops! It’s an accidental proposal -

Hide the ring somewhere for them to find! Ideally, pick a place that they may associate in the future with love and happiness. For example, in a book that you know they love would be a perfect place to hide it. Another place could be in a Christmas ornament for those hoping to propose around the holidays. You could even make plans to go for a picnic at a nearby park and pack it together with all the snacks for her to find! The possibilities are endless and all of them are great ideas! 

The at-home proposal -

A wedding proposal at home may seem simple, but there are many things to consider. You could do it simply by getting down on one knee at the end of her favorite show, or make it an unforgettable event and invite her friends and family to surprise her for the proposal! Make it the event of the year with large balloons, or a neon will you marry me sign, or maybe even candles spread out around the room for that ultimate romantic feeling. Ultimately, you know your partner best, so pick what you know they would enjoy the most. 

Make a ring together and propose -

A fun and interesting idea I came across recently is the idea of crafting your own rings! There are many different places where you can find these classes - a simple web search turns up many places where prices range from about $100 for silver rings to the high hundreds range for gold and platinum bands. The classes are generally about 2-3 hours long. The idea of crafting your own engagement ring, or having made your partner's ring yourself is just so romantic and thoughtful! These classes generally provide all the tools and provide instruction and help for you to create the perfect ring that you have envisioned. 

Celebratory firework show proposal -

Proposing during a firework show can be simply magical! Though it can be difficult to set up, the payoffs can be nothing short of heart-stopping. The easiest way that we have found to set it up would be to plan a proposal around a set routine firework show like Disneyland show night. An online search would be able to tell you the time and date of their next show, and who doesn’t love a trip to Disney? Pick a spot either in the theme park or somewhere with a view of the fireworks, and take her up there when the time is right. If you are taking her to a hiking spot, make sure to account for the time it takes to hike up in the dark! You don’t want to end up missing your show and then having to come up with a backup plan.

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